About Juddy

juddyJuddy Hamshaw started the Stars In Our Eyes Roadshow over 10 years ago with a vision of raising £1,000,000 for charity. Dedicating his own time and money alongside the singers and the technical team to get the show up and running he’s played a vital part in getting the show to where it is today. Through both good and bad times he helped keep the focus on our goal and with no official funding or financial support until recently we’re all proud to say we’re part of the Stars In Our Eyes team.

In 2013 Juddy took a turn for the worst when he was diagnosed with Cancer. Despite this he still kept the show going and played an active part in the show for as long as he possibly could. Sadly on the 2nd June 2013 Juddy lost his fight with Cancer and we lost our founder, leader, compare and an amazing friend.

Juddy always wanted to get to that £1,000,000 goal so in his honor the team behind the show have dedicated to keeping it up and running with Yvonne & Colin taking up the responsibility to help drive us forward.