The Stars In Our Eyes Charity Roadshow has helped to raise over £750,000 for good causes across the South Yorkshire Region and has been awarded the British Empire Medal from Her Majesty the Queen in recognition of this. The performers in the Stars In Our Eyes Charity Roadshow give their time purely to raise money for good causes and their own enjoyment.

We do all our shows at a minimum cost, asking only expenses for the Artist’s. Our shows begin their preparation 12 hours before and end the next day, almost 2 days of effort bringing our professional performance to you – without any financial reward only for the benefit of your charity.


We now need you to help and support us to continue!


We started our shows 15 years ago and we have continued to put in our own monies to ensure the shows continue,

                                After all this time!

  • Many of our costumes are old and need bringing up to date
  • We have bought and replaced much of our equipment but we’re struggling for finance to keep it state of the art
  • We’re asking You the public to help keep this very special award winning show on the road!

You can donate by clicking the picture at the bottom of this page. (Paypal Account Required)